What I Wore… 1st July 2014

What!!!!! White Rabbit and pinch punch first of the month. July already!!!!! I don’t understand why time is disappearing!!! At least it gets me to my holiday quicker and the Tour de France is fast approaching! Very excited about that. Today I wore my bright River Island dress with my blue Zara jacket and New Look plimsolls.

For hair and makeup I saw the latest Vamps music video last night and loved the hair style of the blond girl, she had a thin plait going back into a bun and it looked really free spirited and summery so I thought I would try it out, I can’t really do the bun so I settled for two plaits instead! If anyone else has a go I want to see!! I also put on some Show off Topshop lipstick and mascara.

Thanks for Reading xx


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