Force of July Day 2!!!

I find it so much easier to make myself do these videos than go running, they're great! Today was arms and I did the Push Plank Challenge and the VS Angel Arms. 

The Challenge was tough! I dropped to my knees so quickly!! I loved that you really felt it in your shoulders. I would do that one on my own in front of the tv and just see how much I could do in an ad break. It really is a challenge but its an easy one to get yourself doing, its not too devastating.

The next VS Angel one was really good too, Cassey was so funny in it. I like that she knows how hard it is too and is just brutally honest with you, if you want great arms you have to work for them! I was so glad I couldn't find my heavy weights I was only using 1 kg and I could seriously feel that burn! I think this one will make you laugh out loud so give it a go!

Thanks for Reading and Good Luck! xx


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