Running is Tough!

I'm just going to get the excuses out the way! It was hot, I had a break when I went away on holiday and I can feel the blogilates and swimming I did yesterday. Having said that I only managed to do 13 minutes and 2.14 km and even that was a struggle but at least the only way is up! I am not going to let myself do worse than that I will bully myself past it! 

I'm still doing all 10 km/hr which may have been my downfall today but oh well you live and you learn and it is definitely just shorts and sport bra kind of weather, it so hot!

My Argus still isn't great at measuring my distance when I get on the treadmill so I think I'm going to make myself go running outside soon.

How are you finding running now is warmer?  

Thanks for Reading xx


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